Welcome to Melghat Cold Chain Pvt. Ltd. Located in Central India we are a single stop solution for a complete bouquet of Cold Chain Services such as Cold Storage, Deep Freezing, Local transport, Fruit ripening, blast freezing, pre-cooling etc.

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About Us

Melghat Cold Chain Pvt. Ltd. offers to you a one stop solution with a complete bouquet of Cold Chain Services, in fact the only facility in Central India to do so. With a choice of 18 different cold rooms, of varying sizes and with independent control of temperature, we are able to serve a vast variety of customers for raw agricultural as well as processed food items with the optimum service level desired.

Our mission is to work with our clients and help them to arrive at the right and optimum solution for their storage needs. Our motto is Safety, Security and Care of goods under storage.

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Location and its importance

The unit is located at Nagpur, on the Nagpur – Bhandara Road (i.e. NH No. 6). Nagpur being the geographical centre of the country is now emerging as one of the biggest trading and transportation centre/hub. The city is conveniently located from all 4 Metro Cities and other major cities in the country by RAIL, road and Air transport network.

While being world famous for its Oranges and tiger safari, Nagpur is one of the biggest trading centre for Agricultural commodities such as Chilies, Pulses, Grains etc and is also one of the biggest distribution point for Mangoes in the country. Apart from this, Nagpur is also witnessing a big rise in the Food processing sector with various units in the city for Spice processing, chips making, flour, bakery items, dairy items, fruits and vegetable processing etc. Last but not the least, with the imminent implementation of the Goods and Service Tax, Nagpur is set to become the major distribution hub of the country. Companies have started making preparations for the same and are considering Nagpur as the gateway to the whole of Central India. In fact the city is now the main distribution hub for food items in central India, for both modern as well as traditional sectors.

Lastly with a growing middle class and increase in exposure & disposable income, the City is now witnessing a sustained rise in demand for fine dining, processed foods, QSR and specialty foods. A no. of companies and food chains have either started operations or are in process of doing so in the near future.

Thus it can be very easily concluded that it will make immense sense for any brand/company to have a base in Nagpur for both sales and secondary distribution purpose


We at Melghat Cold Chain Pvt. Ltd., strive to bring our customers the best in class Service and provide the appropriate infrastructure to facilitate this. With a choice of 18 different cold rooms, of varying sizes and with independent control of temperature, we are able to serve a vast variety of customers for raw agricultural as well as processed food items with the optimum service level desired.

1. Basic Cold Storage (2-16 Deg C, 4500 MT): We provide Cold storage services for various fresh fruits such as Oranges, Pomegrantes, Apples etc. We are able to provide a choice of Cold room sizes and keep the fruits in dedicated chambers separately from other produce and thus remove any chances of damage to the product due to incompatibility. At the same time we are a single point solution for storage of Spices, Pulses and Various Kirana items such as Chana, Red Chilly, Tamarind, Turmeric, Dates, Jaggery, Coriander, Jeera, Ajwain, Dals, Amchur, Dry fruits etc. With our variety of Cold rooms we can store products at correct temperature such as 4-6 Deg of Tamarind and 6-8 deg for Pulses, Jeera etc. Additionally we provide Cold Storage services for value added products such as Tomato Puree, Fruit extracts, Process cheese etc. We also are a preferred service partners for many Seed manufactures in the region for raw material storage.

2. We also operate/offer a series of dedicated Ethylene gas based Fruit Ripening chambers. This is the legal, permissible and recommended way to ripe fruits. With capacity of 10 MT per day, our services are being used to bring Fresh Ripe Fruits (Bananas, Mangoes, Papaya) to various markets of Central India daily .

3. Frozen food Storage: Many food products cannot be stored in their raw form and need to be processed to increase the shelf life. For example Green peas and sweet corn need to be shelled and frozen, Milk needs to be converted into Butter, SMP, Khowa etc to ensure long term storage and assuring food security in future. Thus frozen foods are increasingly gaining importance to ensure food availability with the additional inherent benefit being lesser use of preservatives. With our vast array of Deep Freezers (8 chamber with total capacity 700 MT), we are able to provide the required solution to all types of frozen food articles such as Frozen Green Peas, Sweet Corn, Butter, Khowa, Poultry products, RTC food, Marine food, Fruit Pulps, Juices, Dairy and non dairy Cream, Cheese etc. In fact we are the largest third party Deep Freeze storage service providers in central India.

4. Blast Freeze/Pre-cooling: We provide Blast Freezing service for various foods such as Poultry products, Fruit Pulps and Juices, Sweet Corn etc. We also provide commercial pre-cooling facility for various fruits and vegetables as required.

5. Transport Services: We assist our customers to manage their supply chains and are able to deliver your products to your customers in various locations in Central India and to each nook and corner in Nagpur city. Our fleet of small insulated as well as refrigerated trucks as well those provided by various affiliated service providers is can be used for Secondary distribution, Last mile delivery as well as Door pick-up and drop services at the above mentioned locations. Many of our existing customers are using the same at present and deriving immense benefit as the sales team is free from the hassles of managing a supply chain.

6. C&F or Depo management: In addition to the above service, we also provide C&F or Depo management service for our various customers. We can handle work such as Inventory management, Invoicing, Order despatch, POD collections, FIFO, Expiry management for our customers as required. With our specialised team at work here, there is no need to appointment of a new person from the customer’s point and thus frees up valuable resources for better utilisation.

Apart from this we provide regular stock reports, help arrange finance against WHR receipts from FIs and insurance policy advisory to all of our customers.


We have a range of Cold rooms suitable to provide required temperature and conditions for all types of food products. Our Cold Storage capacity is as following;

  1. Chilled Cold Storage (2-16 Deg C): Total 5 chambers with total capacity of 4500 MT.

  2. Frozen Cold Storage (-18 to -22 Deg C): Total 8 chambers with total capacity of 700 MT.

  3. Ethylene gas based Ripening chambers: 4 chambers with a capacity of 10 MT per day.

  4. Blast Freeze/Pre-cooling chambers: Daily capacity of 6-8 MT.

Apart from this certain salient features of our infrastructure as following:

  1. Complete WMS package to manage Cold room inventory and invoicing. This minimises chance of human errors next to negligible.

  2. Only cold Storage facility in Nagpur to provide Lock in Lock storage for double security.

  3. 24 hours Security, CCTV survillience and DG facility.

  4. Covered Dock area to enable round the year loading/ unloading operations.

  5. Lighting circuit isolators provided to minimise fire risk during Nigh hours.

  6. Fire detection system and Fire hydrant system.

  7. Fleet of vehicles such as Open Tata Ace, Insulated Super Ace and 1 Tata 207 based Reefer vehicle.

  8. Digital temp display and round the clock temperature management.

  9. Mechanised material handling via pallet trucks and goods elevators.

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